Bird Flu: No Chicken, No Eggs, No Problem! Expert Reveal 6 Ideas To Load Up On Protein

Chook flu is transmitted to people by contaminated fowl feces, or secretions from the mouth or eyes.


  • Chook flu usually impacts poultry birds akin to chickens and turkeys
  • Consuming correctly cooked poultry or eggs does not transmit the fowl flu
  • However in case you are nonetheless cautious, there are various vegetarian sources of protein

Chook flu or Avian Influenza is very contagious viral illness attributable to Influenza Kind A viruses which usually impacts poultry birds akin to chickens and turkeys. Many states have confirmed fowl flu, and many individuals are shying away from consuming rooster or eggs.

Chook flu is transmitted to people by contact with contaminated fowl feces, nasal secretions, or secretions from the mouth or eyes. Consuming correctly cooked poultry or eggs does not transmit the fowl flu, however eggs ought to by no means be served runny. However in case you are nonetheless cautious, there are various vegetarian sources of protein you’ll be able to toy with.

Although all of the nonveg choices have all 9 important amino acids current, however one also can get the required quantity of proteins from veg sources. You would need to do some combine and match to finish your every day quota. Listed here are some concepts:

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1. Load Up On Nuts and Oil seeds-

These are wealthy in nutritional vitamins E, B6, niacin and folate; and so they present minerals akin to magnesium, zinc, plant iron, calcium, copper, selenium, phosphorus and potassium, dietary fiber.

They’re additionally excessive in monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, low in saturated fats. They’re additionally good sources of dietary protein, therefore various to animal proteins. Some nuts are additionally excessive in amino acid arginine, which retains blood vessels functioning easy.


Begin your day with a handful of nuts for optimum nutrient consumption.

2. Do Not Miss Out On The Legumes and Pulses –

These are wealthy in protein, folate, fiber (each insoluble and soluble), iron, phosphorus, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids together with linoleic and oleic acids

Legumes comprise a number of parts that, when eaten as a part of a balanced plant-rich food regimen, could assist stop the event of varied persistent situations like CVD, weight problems and poor digestive well being. If you’re having dal, it’s a good suggestion to mix it with rice or brown rice in your amino acid consumption.


If you’re having dal, it’s a good suggestion to mix it with rice or brown rice​.

3. Soya is a good suggestion too

Its excessive protein content material, nutritional vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre make soya a reputable superfood. Soya bean has been remodeled into quite a lot of standard soya-based meals together with:

Miso – a fermented soya bean paste that’s used as a flavouring, it’s standard in Asian delicacies. It’s a good supply of many minerals and nutritional vitamins.

Tempeh – is an Indonesian specialty sometimes made by cooking and dehulling soya beans and forming a textured, stable ‘cake’. It’s a superb supply of protein, B nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Tofu – also called bean curd is produced from soya milk by coagulating the soya proteins with calcium or magnesium salts. The whey is discarded, and the curds are processed. It is a wonderful supply of iron and calcium and supply of protein. If you’re switching to veganism, tofu may work as an alternative to paneer.

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4. Time To Strive Quinoa

Quinoa seeds are gluten-free and comprise all of the 9 important amino acids. Sure, you heard us. 1 cup of cooked Quinoa seeds comprises about 8 grams of protein, and the pseudo-cereal can also be tremendous versatile. You should utilize it to make quinoa pulao, quinoa biryani, upma et al.


Quinoa is an efficient supply of vegetarian protein.

5. The Humble Cottage Cheese, And Its Many Avatars

Cottage Cheese is excessive in protein and tremendous low in energy. Cottage cheese is filled with important vitamins. It’s an intrinsic a part of Indian vegetarian fare. Paneer bhurji, paneer paratha, paneer koftam paneer biryani, there are alternatives galore to experiment with.

6) Together with Hemp Seeds For Snacking and In Salads

It’s wealthy in all 9 amino acids. Hemp seeds are particularly wealthy in an amino acid known as arginine, which has advantages for coronary heart well being. It’s a nice supply of important fatty acids, akin to alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is an omega-3. It’s also, wealthy in fibre, magnesium and plenty of different micro-nutrients.

About Creator: Ms Jyoti Bhatt is a senior dietician from Jaslok Hospital & Analysis Centre



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