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Feeding free birds is not just a pleasing activity, it can be a calming hobby as well. Whether you are feeding small birds in the open or have pet birds at home, you must be aware that these birds enjoy having seeds and grains. So, it is always preferred to feed seeds to birds over homemade food to ensure good health of these little creatures. When it comes to bird food for small birds, a variety of mixes are available with seeds and grains that you can start feeding birds in no time.

To help you buy something good for birds, we have a list of some of the most popular options in bird food available online. Check out this list and start feeding small birds every day with some healthy and delicious grains.

When it comes to bird food online, Boltz is one of the most trusted brands in India. This seed mix by the brand is made from a combination of nyjer seeds, yellow millets, oats, sunflower seeds, barnyard millet and finger millet to ensure that birds gain a variety of nutrients while having food. This seed mix is great to avoid giving high-fat food to birds and to ensure good health.

Since this seed mix is made from natural ingredients, you need not worry too much before feeding it to small grain-eating birds.

This blend of grains by Nature Forever can be another good and affordable choice that you can feed to birds every day. This mix of bird food is suitable for birds feeders and feeding in the open making it apt for a variety of needs. Being free from fillers, this mix ensures no wastage to let the feeding space be clean at all times. This seed mix is made from a combination of niger seeds, kibbled maize, millets, flax seeds and wild seeds.

You can feed these seeds to sparrows, finches, parakeets, silver bills, budgies and other small grain-eating birds.

Here is an affordable pack of fine foxtail millets that you can easily offer to your pet birds or free birds. This is a 1 kg pack of seeds that will easily fit in your budget. So, you need not think too much before buying it online.

This pack of seeds is suitable for finches, parakeets, cockatiels and other small birds that enjoy eating seeds and grains.

You must be aware that most small birds and smaller breeds of parrots enjoy eating sunflower seeds. These high-quality sunflower seeds are handpicked to ensure that the pack is without any fillers. Being free from added preservatives and fillers, you need not think too much before buying these seeds online.

These seeds are free from dust and can be used for feeding small parrot breeds. Just make sure that you clean the feeder or the serving tray regularly to ensure that your parrots stay healthy.

Here is another affordable pack of foxtail millets that you can easily feed free and pet birds. These are handpicked foxtail millets to ensure hygienic packaging and optimum quality for birds. These seeds are free from artificial preservatives, artificial colourings and more to ensure that your pet and free birds stay healthy after eating these grains.

You can feed these seeds to finches, parakeets, cockatiels and more. Just make sure that you store the seeds in an airtight container to retain the crunchy texture of the seeds.

Looking for more options in bird food for small birds? Explore here.

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