Bluebird Tips From Happy Bird Company

With the Bluebird nesting season in full flight, The Blissful Hen Firm proprietor Christian Chin-Gurret has supplied suggestions for individuals who need to appeal to Bluebirds of their neighborhood.

A spokesperson stated, “Lovely blue birds like to fly and perch in open areas, particularly round perches. Bluebirds scan the yard and search for bugs from excessive vantage factors. As they spot one thing tempting, they flutter down and seize the meal.

“They use smaller timber, shrubs, decrease branches of timber, and fences to seek out their meal on the bottom. For those who don’t have timber,set up your individual perches utilizing poles 4 ft off the bottom to let bluebirds perch on them.”

Christian Chin Gurret, who sells bluebird containers, stated, “Bluebirds like to eat bugs and berries; for instance they’ll eat small cockroaches and cedar berries.”

The spokesperson stated, “Birdbaths will be a wonderful attraction for bluebirds since they should bathe to keep up their options and can drink water from birdbaths. They’re additionally drawn to transferring waters in fountains.

“Bluebirds like a nest in pure cavities similar to lifeless cedar timber, nonetheless since there are so few in Bermuda, a picket chook field is sweet.

“A field particularly designed for bluebirds is sweet. One could make one or purchase one from such locations as The Blissful Hen Firm, created by entrepreneur Christian Chin-Gurret.

“Set up the field 4 to 7 ft excessive on a pole a minimum of 15 ft from your home and in a quiet space with a grass patch beneath the chook field.

Blue Bird Bermuda April 2021 1

“One other good tip is present nesting materials. Including nesting materials within the yard will definitely appeal to bluebirds since they love gathering them.

“It’s good to unfold dried casuarina needles across the backside of the field, which needs to be situated the place there’s a grass patch.

“These stunning birds often desire to dwell round mature and broadly spaced timber with open grass areas, so if you wish to appeal to bluebirds to your yard or backyard, be sure that to trim your garden grass. It will permit bluebirds to perch on branches or poles or your bluebird field and hunt bugs simply.

Blue Bird Bermuda April 2021 2

“Bluebirds are at all times a delight to see within the backyard with their harmonious chirping. In order for you bluebirds in your neighborhood, be sure that to comply with the following tips. For additional info and to purchase a Bermuda made bluebird field, non-public message The Blissful Hen Firm on Fb.

“Contact Christian Chin-Gurret by way of or go to his firm on Fb [The Happy Bird Co] and Instagram [@TheHappyBirdCo].”

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