Commentary: A time-honored battle: I live to fight the squirrel at my bird feeder another day – Austin American-Statesman

I hung a chicken feeder on my entrance patio. It’s positioned in order that, sitting in my favourite chair, I can watch the birds come and feed. Predictably, although, the feeder was found by a squirrel, and this man would simply suck up nevertheless a lot seed I’d put into the feeder in a couple of minutes. 

I discovered to not ever fill the feeder fully, however to place a day’s price out and hope that the birds acquired to it earlier than he did.

At first, each time I noticed the squirrel, all I needed to do was open the entrance door and, whoosh! he was gone, fully out of sight. As the times glided by, he grew an increasing number of daring. I’d not solely should open the door, however I needed to stroll outdoors towards the feeder.

He stopped working away. I’d say he ambled. And ever day, he went much less far. Yesterday, he didn’t depart the feeder in any respect, however simply stared again at me defiantly. I swear, if a squirrel have been capable of put his entrance paws on his hips, that’s the stance this squirrel had adopted.

I used to be the primary to interrupt the stare and return inside the home.

Later within the day, I drove to Lowe’s and shelled out for an allegedly squirrel proof feeder. It held three kilos of seed, so, for the reason that squirrel couldn’t get to it, I crammed it up. Ha!

I sat in my favourite chair and watched the squirrel method the feeder. He was stymied. He shook it, he climbed throughout it, he even wrapped himself fully round it, however the feeder saved him out of the seed. And was he ever mad! His tail was twitching and he was making an indignant, birdlike sound. I’d received!

Besides I didn’t win. One downside was his persistence. He psyched out the feeder for hours on finish, in order that no birds got here. This morning, the feeder was half empty, and there he was, the other way up, sucking seed out of the bottom gap. He’s nonetheless stealing my birdseed; it simply takes him longer.

I assume it’s good that I do know this as a result of I used to be going to purchase one other squirrel-proof feeder for the backyard out again. These feeders needs to be labeled “squirrel proof” with these phrases in quotes. Apparently, nothing is squirrel proof.

I’m making an attempt a brand new answer. I’m going to purchase a squirrel feeder, a wire factor that can maintain an ear of corn. I’m placing it on the market only for the squirrel, hoping that he received’t really feel the necessity to eat what is supposed for the birds. As a result of I don’t object to feeding the squirrel; I simply object to the birdseed disappearing in a matter of minutes. In reality, he’s kinda cute.

Will this work? By this time tomorrow I ought to know. In the meantime, I’ve determined to call the squirrel, given his excellent efficiency on the “squirrel-proof” feeder. I’m calling him Wallenda, honoring these daredevil acrobats, The Flying Wallendas of circus fame.

Banks is a contributing columnist for the Advertiser. She lives in Bastrop and is the creator of a number of novels. See her work at

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