February is National Bird Feeding Month

February is a well-liked time of the yr for chicken lovers. It’s Nationwide Hen Feeding Month!

What You Want To Know

  • February is Nationwide Hen Feeding Month
  • Hen feeders may help birds and entertain you
  • Research say seeing quite a lot of birds improve temper

This nationwide vacation began in 1994 to acknowledge February as probably the most tough months in the USA for wild birds to outlive.

This month, persons are inspired to place out meals, water, and shelter to wild birds, particularly in colder areas with a restricted quantity of pure assets like crops and meals.

Greatest Supplemental Hen Meals

The very best supplemental meals contains sunflower seeds, thistle, nuts, suet, and millet.

Steer clear of spoiled or stale seed, bread, potato chips, popcorn, and sweets.

The Fundamentals of Hen Feeding is a useful information with extra info.

Supplemental chicken meals.

Improve Happiness with Hen Watching

Not solely will this assist the chicken inhabitants survive the chilly winter, it will also be entertaining and academic.

Analysis hyperlinks publicity to nature, particularly quite a lot of birds, with improved wellbeing. Not solely can seeing these birds improve happiness, however listening to them can, too! Take heed to the video under. Did it work?

Hen watching can also be a enjoyable technique to establish birds and their patterns.

So put out a chicken feeder, give birds some love this month and enhance your temper too!

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