Gujarat: Zoos chicken out over bird flu scare | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: As Gujarat stays on excessive alert for chook flu, hen and eggs have disappeared from the menu of zoos throughout Gujarat. Whereas the Sakkarbaug zoo in Junagadh has stopped feeding hen to its carnivorous inmates, zoos in Ahmedabad and Rajkot have began utilizing their very own inventory and stopped getting hen from exterior.
Sakkarbaug zoo director Abhishek Kumar mentioned, “Consumption of poultry meat has been lowered to important necessities solely. The zoo has regularly substituted it with carabeef or different animal meat. Every time poultry meat is fed, it’s pre-boiled earlier than providing to animals. Meat handlers and staff are correctly kitted, and preserve strict hygiene and sanitation. We’re observing how animals are accepting substitute meat, and are phasing out poultry necessities in zoo as a result of avian influenza.”
Zoo officers mentioned hen was fed to cubs and younger carnivorous animals. “They don’t settle for medicines in carabeef, so we used to present it combined with hen,” they mentioned.
Dr R Okay Sahu, director of Kamala Nehru Zoological Backyard, mentioned, “When stories of chook flu unfold, we started stocking up hen. We’ve sufficient to final us 15 days. We’re additionally breeding chicks and hen from the inventory out there. The snakes within the zoo are to be fed chicks bred in zoo.”
Sahu mentioned the zoo has exchange hen with carabeef. “We’ve reduce down on utilization of hen which was practically 5 kg. Even when we’ve to feed hen, it’s correctly boiled earlier than being given to the animals.”
Rajesh Patel, superintendent of Surat zoo, mentioned that it has stopped utilizing poultry. “We now give meat to animals. The zoo used hen for remedy however we’ve reduce down on it. We’ve additionally stopped feeding eggs although we used to boil it earlier than giving it to the animals.”
Rajkot zoo superintendent Dr R Okay Hirpara mentioned, “We’ve stopped utilizing hen, which was minimal to start with. We’re feeding chicks that we bred on campus to snakes.”

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