Hornbill in S’pore bites pet bird out of cage through tiny wire grills & eats it – Mothership.SG

A hornbill in Singapore was at it once more, turning a pet hen in a cage right into a meal.

A video uploaded on April 4 to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Fb group confirmed a hornbill casually catching a caged hen in its huge beak and consuming it.

The entire course of, which lasted about one-and-a-half minutes, was akin to capturing fish in a barrel.

The video was shot from bottom-up by observers, possible at a block of flats in an HDB property.

What the video confirmed

The video began with the hornbill hopping off one cage on the far proper, nearly as if it was selecting the correct prey, and the viewer can nearly hear the gears of its hen mind cranking:

Picked its prey

Out of 4 attainable cages to select from, it then hopped to the cage on the far left, nearly as if it had made up its thoughts which was the tastiest hen on show:

Bit pet hen by means of cage

After hopping on the cage on the far left, and nearly by magic, the hornbill caught the pet hen with its beak, and in a single fluid movement, yanks the smaller hen out by means of the tiny hole between the grills of the hen cage.

In different phrases, the hornbill didn’t even break the cage.

The pet hen flapped its wings and chirped uncontrollably as one wing appeared mangled.

Inside seconds, it was lifeless and silent because the hornbill readjusted its prey in its mouth by chomping on it.

This cannibalistic scene of a hornbill consuming a hen has been noticed in Singapore beforehand.

What observers stated

Voices within the background might be heard all through the video.

Initially, earlier than the hornbill picked its prey, one voice which sounded prefer it belonged to a lady, stated: “Assume he’s going to interrupt the cage.”

One other voice, which seemed like a little bit woman, then stated when the hornbill bit its prey: “Oh, he took the hen.”

The voice that sounded prefer it got here from the lady, stated when the pet hen was bitten: “The place is the proprietor?”

Hornbills are omnivores

Hornbills are omnivores.

They eat primarily fruit, however can also feed on bugs and small animals every now and then.

They’re recognized to forage in pairs or small teams.

Such scenes of wildlife interacting with domesticated animals have been seen earlier than.

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