How to Drink—and Live—Bird Friendly

Birds would profit if we reconsidered our relationship with each espresso and the montane forest ecosystems all through the world’s coffee-growing areas. The increasing discipline of agroforestry offers a approach ahead. Agroforestry infuses agriculture — an solely human exercise — with one thing a bit wilder: the forest ecosystems surrounding farms.

Take the case of birds and low: when farmers preserve native bushes and forest on their espresso farms, birds return the favor by feasting on bugs, together with espresso pests just like the espresso berry borer. This pure cycle can cut back the necessity for expensive and dangerous pesticides. Conserved and planted bushes additionally cycle vitamins for wholesome soils, reducing the necessity for fertilizers and serving to to make landscapes extra immune to drought. Agroforestry even champions using sure wastes as fertilizers, just like the espresso husks left behind after espresso beans are processed and able to roast.

Espresso agroforestry techniques maintain each birds and people: birds discover extra meals, farmers spend much less to handle espresso, and surrounding communities obtain cleaner water and air. Similar to nature itself, the effectivity and interdependence of those agroecosystems are a marvel.

The Smithsonian Migratory Fowl Middle has lengthy championed the easy concept that birds matter. Once we maintain birds, we maintain the interconnected pure techniques that all of us rely upon for survival. Within the late Nineties, we developed the Fowl Pleasant® espresso certification to empower espresso growers and low drinkers to stay bird-friendly existence. Each buy of Fowl Pleasant espresso helps a espresso farmer who maintains bushes for birds on their farm.


As we speak, you possibly can browse almost 150 Fowl Pleasant® licensed coffees on-line, representing over 35,000 acres of Fowl Pleasant farm land from Guatemala to Ethiopia to Thailand. Not too long ago, we now have began to attach with different initiatives working to make the world higher for birds and other people, from bird-friendly beef and maple syrup to structure and rice. We’re even paving the way in which for one of many sweeter bird-friendly treats: chocolate.

Letting our tidy, human lives turn into a bit wilder goes past consuming Fowl Pleasant espresso. You may stay chook pleasant by changing manicured lawns with native vegetation, retaining your cats indoors, and masking your home windows at night time. These and different easy actions defend birds and guarantee they will discover meals as they will proceed their unimaginable migratory journeys. This World Migratory Fowl Day, let’s get on the market and witness migratory birds passing by way of our neighborhoods. And let’s embrace our wilder sides, so we are able to proceed to get pleasure from birds and biodiversity for generations to return. 

Scott Sillett is a analysis wildlife biologist and head of the Smithsonian Migratory Fowl Middle. Ruth Bennett is a analysis ecologist for SMBC’s Fowl Pleasant® espresso certification program, and Justine Bowe is this system’s supervisor.

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