Opinion: Try something new and put out a bird feeder

It’s spring, which implies heat climate, lengthy days and blooming flowers. It additionally signifies that we’re capable of see completely different yard birds, together with some which have returned to New Jersey after their southernly fall migration.

One chicken we will simply spot is the red-winged blackbird, whose presence is taken into account to herald the arrival of spring. Others embrace the brown-headed cowbird, yellow-rumped warbler, Baltimore oriole, and Carolina chickadee. Such species are among the many mostly sighted in spring by New Jersey birdwatchers.

You’ll additionally be capable to observe entertaining birds which can be frequent year-round in New Jersey, just like the northern cardinal, blue jay, mourning dove, tufted titmouse, red-bellied woodpecker, American goldfinch, downy woodpecker, home finch, and white-breasted nuthatch.

All of this implies it’s the proper time to start out birdwatching. Arrange a feeder in your yard in line with the preferences of the birds you want to appeal to, sit close to the window, and prepare for an expertise you gained’t quickly neglect. Male birds are often probably the most distinctive, however remember to give the feminine birds some love too.

The longer you permit your chicken feeder out, the extra chicken species you’ll see. You’ll additionally be capable to observe every chicken’s conduct and particular persona. Feeding birds is not only a enjoyable expertise; it’s additionally a rewarding one. As you observe the birds in your yard, you may have the satisfaction of figuring out that you simply’re serving to them out. So, attempt one thing new this spring, and put out a chicken feeder.


Riddhishrree Badhan

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