Punjab Bird Fest Inaugurated by Sonali Giri, DC Ropar

Third edition of Punjab Bird Fest, organized by Ropar Wildlife Division, Department of Forests and Wildlife Preservation, Punjab kick started today with flying colors when many bird watchers and nature lovers reached Bird Watch Centre, Ropar to participate in Bird Watch Tour despite dense fog and bone-chilling cold of winter morning. This was disclosed by Dr. Monika Yadav, DFO, Wildlife.On this occasion Bird Watch Tour was guided by experienced nature and wildlife guides in green belt near Satluj River. The festival finale will be held on 6&7 of February 2021. Before the main function, the department has made special efforts to involve public into observing & appreciating nature through these walks. These walks are scheduled on various weekdays and weekends in January on 23, 24, 27, 28, 29 & 30. The complete information on these guided tours can be seen via various advertisements throughout the city. A special helpline number has been shared for people to call and participate in the walks, painting, photography, videography competitions that will be held during the main event.The watchers were elated when Mrs. Sonali Giri, DC Ropar inaugurated the walk in the presence of Dr Monika Yadav, DFO, Ropar. Dr Monika Yadav, said that winters is the ideal time for nature lovers to see beautiful birds all around the city as many species of migratory birds visit this wetland. Satluj river is considered as one of the most important wetland and migratory birds can be seen on the banks all day. She also said that it is important that we should know the beauty and natural diversity of this place. She says that she is happy to educate all about nature through such programs and is planning to organize such events in future as well.Department of Forests and Wildlife is thrilled to invite everyone to visit the fest and gain some more knowledge through these walks as well as through seminars and workshops on the main event. 

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