Steller’s Jay — The Reed College Quest

Species: Steller’s Jay, or Cyanocitta stelleri

Household: Corvidae (Corvids: Crows, Jays, Magpies)

Star signal: Leo

Score: public opinion is combined/10

Superb Date: Going to the films and yelling on the display screen

The Steller’s Jay is a fowl of controversy. A fowl of battle. A fowl of drama, in additional methods than one. To those that aren’t acquainted, which may appear a bit unusual; certainly, such lovely birds ought to solely engender emotions of admiration, awe, and appreciation for The Aesthetic… proper? Take a look at that coat! That placing crest! To somebody from east of the Mississippi, they appear just like the Blue Jay’s cooler, goth cousin, with a stunning black head and sapphire-colored feathers which appear to shimmer within the gentle. You see a flash of that royal blue out of the nook of your eye and suppose to your self: “what’s there to not love about this good friend!” After which the bastard opens its beak, and you’re reminded why individuals think about this jay to be a nuisance.

In the event you haven’t seen a Steller’s Jay, you’ve undoubtedly heard one. Their loud and scratchy scream is unattainable to overlook and much more unattainable to disregard. The record of adjectives which precisely describes it consists of (however isn’t restricted to): harsh, disagreeable, grating, obnoxious, and bodily painful. And it’s loud! However their most recognizable (and hated) name isn’t the one one which this flashy good friend could make. Steller’s Jays can mimic the sounds of birds, squirrels, canines, cats, and even some equipment. Naturally, they use this energy for evil, mimicking birds of prey to scare away different wildlife from feeding areas. Since jays are corvids, their brains are large enough that after they trigger issues, they’re nearly definitely doing it on function.

However maybe the brash, tawdry nature of those flamboyant associates is a part of their allure, not one thing to be reviled however revered. These birds need your consideration, and so they don’t care how they get it; they’ve honed spotlight-hogging all the way down to a science. There’s one thing admirable about that. The gorgeous colours, the hideous name, the mischievous habits — all of those reveal the essence of the one and solely Steller’s Jay: a assured corvid with an ego the dimensions of the planet Jupiter, who won’t shut up about himself till you realize precisely who he’s. And truthfully? We sort of like to see it.

If you wish to see a Steller’s Jay for your self, they aren’t onerous to seek out: merely preserve an ear out for the screams of the damned and go from there. Visually, the fowl is barely greater than a robin, and its black crested head and blue physique are unmistakable. In nature they persist with the tops of evergreens, and within the suburbs they draw nearer to people to scavenge for meals, and wherever they’re, they scream their hearts out in any respect hours of the day. But, regardless of every little thing, the Steller’s Jay continues to be one stellar jay.

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