The 20 Most Expensive Pets to Own

For some folks, a pet shouldn’t be a lot man’s finest buddy as a standing image. Whether or not it is a pint-sized pure-bred pooch, an unique snake or a tropical hen, a luxurious pet is usually a expensive companion.

It is not simply the preliminary buy value. There’s additionally the price of meals, vet payments, grooming and care to think about. Listed here are a number of the priciest pets however purchaser be warned: these unique creatures might finest left to the wild.


These lovely birds native to Central and South America are often called giants of the parrot world. Though they could be a standing image for some, there are grave conservation issues for a number of species within the wild and lots of are illegally trapped for the pet commerce, based on Nationwide Geographic. The hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot on this planet, with a head to tail size of greater than 3 toes and a wingspan of roughly 4 toes. These clever birds can fetch tens of 1000’s of {dollars} however require massive cages, a various weight loss program of seeds, fruits and leaves, and a rotation of toys to entertain them.

A scarlet macaw is pictured on the Amneville Zoo in France on July 8, 2013.

Micro pig

The micro pig is likely one of the newest fads in pet possession, with social media awash with movies of the petite creatures in city houses. Though they could look cute (and might even be bathroom educated like canine), they usually value 1000’s to purchase and require 1000’s extra to be spent on their care. These clever, inquisitive and social pets are smaller than farm pigs however they will nonetheless weigh between 100 and 200 kilos and require loads of meals, check-ups and vaccinations. Zoning legal guidelines in some states will not permit pigs to be raised in non-agricultural settings. Animal charity the RSPCA warns {that a} pig’s inquisitive nature means they get pleasure from foraging and chewing, to allow them to be unsuitable for individuals who wish to preserve a well-manicured backyard or indoor area.

Micro Pig
Micro pigs are clever, inquisitive and social pets. Though they’re smaller than commonplace livestock, they will nonetheless weigh between 100 and 200 kilos.
Andreas Rentz/Getty Photos


Iguanas come from scorching and humid environments in South America and so require explicit situations and care. Their enclosures want heating, a humidity system that retains ranges between 65 and 75 p.c, and a light-weight supply to keep up fixed UVA and UVB. Climbing gadgets are additionally integral for his or her care, based on Pet Guarantee.

A inexperienced iguana is pictured at a Paris pet retailer specializing in reptiles and bugs.

Savannah cat

These elegant felines are tall and slender, and do not differ an excessive amount of in temperament to the common home home cat. The principle level of distinction is the price of shopping for one, which may be as much as $20,000. “The Savannah cat is essentially the most wanted companion animal on this planet right now,” Cynthia King, a breeder from Indiana, instructed ABC Information. “They’re identified not just for their unique and dramatic seems, but additionally for his or her excessive degree of intelligence and their loving temperament, which is dog-like.” These lovely pets are the results of mating a wild African serval with a smaller home cat. The breeding course of may be tough, which provides to this animal’s rarity worth.

Savannah cat
A uncommon Savannah cat seen at a pet present in Taipei, Taiwan, on July 26, 2013.
Sam Yeh/Getty Photos

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are one of many world’s largest canine and had been initially bred as guard canine to guard livestock and houses. In response to the American Kennel Membership, they’re extraordinarily impartial, clever and extremely protecting of their household. Their immense double coat sheds every year and wishes common brushing. Purebred Tibetan mastiffs are uncommon and might value as much as $5,000. A pure-bred Purple Tibetan mastiff named Massive Splash was bought for a whopping $1.5 million to a Chinese language tycoon in 2011.

Tibetan mastiff
A Tibetan mastiff in Wuhan, China. The uncommon breed was initially tamed by people to protect monasteries, villages, nomadic camps and livestock herds.
China Pictures/Getty Photos

Chinese language crested hairless canine

Though it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, the Chinese language crested hairless canine is a pleasant and nice breed to personal. These uncommon canine can value upwards of $3,000 and must be protected against the solar as they’re susceptible to sunburn.

Chinese Crested hairless dog
A Chinese language crested hairless canine seen on the Crufts present in Birmingham, central England.
Richard Stabler/Getty Photos

Lavender albino ball python

The uncommon lavender albino ball python is the product of a recessive colour mutation. It’s extremely coveted by snake collectors due to its lavender base colour mixed with a vivid yellow sample and deep purple eyes. The species does not attain sexual maturity till 2 to three years of age and the breeding course of is a year-long cycle the place eggs are sometimes infertile, based on Animal World. This snake, which initially hails from Africa, usually reaches 3 to 4 toes in size and prices 1000’s of {dollars} upfront.

Albino Burmese Python
An albino Burmese python seen in California, United States. Its even rarer cousin is lavender and yellow.
Chris Weeks/Getty Photos

Ayam cemani

These chickens from Indonesia are utterly black, from their feathers to their beaks. Even their bones and inner organs are black. Their coloring is the results of a uncommon gene that causes hyperpigmentation. The breed was historically related to native elites and royalty and was utilized in rituals as early because the twelfth century, Harvard anthropologist Veronika Kusumaryati instructed the Smithsonian Journal. Ayam cemanis are tough to acquire in the US, the place worry of avian flu has led to a ban on direct imports from Indonesia. The weird chickens can fetch as much as $4,000 every, based on a Vice report from 2014.

Ayan Cemani Chicken
The Ayam cemani, a uncommon Indonesian hen, is totally black from its feathers to its beak and even its inner organs.
Ed Wray/Getty Photos

Stag beetle

This uncommon pet is likely one of the largest and costliest bugs on this planet. The stag beetle has curling mandibles and antlers protruding from its black head, inspiring its title. It’s widespread in Japan, the place some homeowners pit their pets in opposition to others in beetle fights, based on Nationwide Geographic. Again in 1999, an enormous stag beetle was bought to a Japanese businessman for $90,000.

Stag Beetle
The stag beetle is likely one of the largest and costliest bugs on this planet.
JOEL SAGET/Getty Photos

Racing pigeon

The standard pigeon is perhaps a nuisance to some, but it surely has been used for hundreds of years to hold messages. Homing pigeons at the moment are widespread amongst individuals who enter their feathered pets in profitable racing competitions. Specialty pigeon breeds together with Jacobins, fantails and pigmy pouters are additionally bred to compete at exhibitions or reveals. Pigeon racing has turn into a well-liked sport in China in recent times, with one Chinese language purchaser spending greater than $1.4 million on a hen in 2019, based on the Pigeon Paradise web site. The animal, named Armando, was described as the most effective long-distance racing pigeon “of all time.”

Racing pigeons
Racing pigeons relaxation of their enclosure. The game is rising in reputation in China.


Capybaras are the most important rodents on this planet and are sometimes thought to resemble monumental guinea pigs. They require much more care than their smaller cousins, nevertheless, and are far more durable to return by. These rodents are semi-aquatic and require a physique of water to swim in.

A capybara seen in an enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The capybara is native to South America and is the most important residing rodent on this planet.
Don Arnold/Getty Photos

Sumatran tiger

As viewers of Netflix’s Tiger King will know, the Sumatran tiger is likely one of the most unique— although ethically contentious—pets. These majestic felines are among the many smallest tigers however can weigh as much as 310 kilos and wish an unlimited quantity of area to roam. A tiger cub can value anyplace from $800 to $5,000 however unscrupulous breeders, poaching and the unlawful commerce make this critically endangered animal one to keep away from as a pet. Sadly, captive tigers within the U.S. outnumber these within the wild, based on Nationwide Geographic.

Sumatran Tiger
A Sumatran tiger walks in an enclosure within the Parc des Felins zoological park, in Lumigny-Nesle-Ormeaux, east of Paris.
Thomas SAMSON/Getty Photos


Salvador Dali was famously photographed strolling the streets of Paris with an anteater on a lead in 1969. There are 4 species of the mammal, which is native to Central and South America: the large anteater, the silky anteater, the northern tamandua and the southern tamandua. Many choose the tamandua due to its smaller measurement. The animal’s lengthy tongue permits it to eat 1000’s of ants and termites from inside mounds and nests. Anteaters have disappeared from a lot of their pure habitat due to habitat loss and looking for meals and as pests, stated San Diego Zoo.

An anteater drinks from a bowl with the comfort of an extended nostril, helpful to forage for ants and termites.
Paul Almasy/Getty Photos

Sugar glider

This small possum glides from tree to tree so wants a correct enclosure with sufficient area to permit it to climb on branches, based on Animal Planet. The tiny marsupials weigh solely about 3 ounces and are nocturnal so not often adapt to daytime actions. Rules in varied U.S. states make the Australian natives tough and costly to personal as pets.

Sugar glider
A 6-year-old sugar glider at Sydney Zoo.
James D. Morgan/Getty Photos


These fish are often called aggressive carnivores usually present in rivers throughout the Amazon Basin. The most typical piranha bought as a pet is the red-bellied Pygocentrus nattereri, a silver-grey fish with vivid red-orange within the throat, breast and abdomen. Nevertheless, they require particular care and ought to be stored in an aquarium with pH between 6.5 and seven.8, alkalinity between 50 ppm and 140 ppm, and temperature between 75°F and 80° F, based on Aqueon. Piranhas, that are banned as pets in some U.S. states, are additionally delicate to sudden temperature adjustments.

Purple-bellied piranha swim of their tank at London Zoo.
Oli Scarff/Getty Photos

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