the Animal Welfare Society treats all animals!

There’s a false impression amongst an uninformed few that the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa solely attends to, and treats cats and canines. In precise reality the shelter attends to all animals! Furry, feathery, scaly and easy. From tiny mischievous dwarf hamsters to equines and bovines.

“Seeing to the wants of bizarre or uncommon sufferers brings us nice fulfilment and our hospital workforce has earned themselves fairly an enviable fame for efficiently treating and rehabilitating nearly each animal possible.”

On Tuesday afternoon, June 1 2021, the Animal Welfare Society handled two fascinating instances involving an injured pet duck who had been mauled by a canine and a very unhappy-looking pet rooster that had misplaced her “cluck for all times”.

The duck had a number of deep chunk wounds and lacerations to her neck that required flushing and topical antibiotics to maintain an infection at bay and was discharged again to the care of her proprietor with a guarded prognosis while the rooster had everybody a bit perplexed.

One minute she was all perky and chatty, the subsequent scrunched up and at last, she determined to take a nap while the workforce tried to determine what was causing her so sad.

The commonest causes of chickens falling unwell and /or dying could be put down to 3 issues:

  • If the rooster has faeces-stained feathers, then it’s worms
  • If the hen was lame it’s probably Marek’s illness (or one thing equally sinister – particularly if the hen has by no means been vaccinated)
  • If it was a case of sudden dying, the trigger might be a coronary heart assault

The Animal Welfare Society suspects that within the case of their current affected person, she could have suffered from publicity to the wintery parts.They afforded her some nutritional vitamins and really useful that she be housed in a heat coop with entry to ample meals and water, and that her proprietor retains a watch on her for any adjustments.

Many poultry and waterfowl homeowners like to permit their pet birds to free-range which is commendable supplied that they’ve entry to shelter and enough meals and water and {that a} examine is saved on numbers. Over-population can result in bullying and combating with tragic penalties particularly amongst grownup male birds saved in over-crowded or battery sort situations.

To make sure their good well being (and that of any visiting birds) additionally it is crucial that they be vaccinated in opposition to all managed and notifiable illnesses and dewormed repeatedly.

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