Trailer for a Prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” – The New Yorker

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Open on a chook’s-eye view of Central Park.

VOICE-OVER: They’ve been working issues for too lengthy.

Zoom in on particular person feeding pigeons from a park bench.

V.O.: Caging us, clipping our wings—I’ve had sufficient.

A rotund, smug pigeon, between pecks of seed, talks to somebody offscreen.

SMUG PIGEON (laughing): What are you suggesting, Bartholomew? That we go to battle with people?

Bartholomew, a scary pigeon with a scar, steps out of the shadows.

BARTHOLOMEW: That’s precisely what I’m suggesting.

The Common emblem, made to look barely ominous, feathers falling from above. A slowed-down, echoey model of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” performs within the background.

“Blackbird singing at midnight . . .”

The aged man feeding the birds lets out a twisted snort.

“Take these damaged wings and study to fly . . .”

BARTHOLOMEW, V.O.: Not lets beg for birdseed.

A toddler laughs at a parrot in a cage at a pet retailer.

“All of your life . . .”

BARTHOLOMEW, V.O.: Not will they taunt us.

A person in a restaurant slices right into a hen breast.

“You had been solely ready . . .”

BARTHOLOMEW, V.O.: Not will they eat us!

The laughing baby holds a cracker as much as the caged, agitated parrot.

“For this second . . . ”

BARTHOLOMEW, V.O.: I ask you, does Polly need a cracker?

Bartholomew addresses the opposite pigeons.

BARTHOLOMEW: Or does Polly take a cracker.

“ . . . to come up.”

Parrot angrily snatches the cracker from the woman.


Intense drumming begins to play, builds.

Baddada badda badda.

Park-bench man seems to be nervous as pigeons slowly encompass him.

Baddada badda badda.

The person consuming hen at a restaurant glances out the window and notices a number of chickens watching him.

Badda! Badda! Badda!

Closeup on the smug pigeon from earlier than—however now he’s scared.

SMUG PIGEON: It’s a must to cease this earlier than it will get uncontrolled!

Badda!! Badda!! Badda!!

BARTHOLOMEW: Oh, there’s no stopping it now . . . 




Parrot from earlier than, angrily squawks and flaps its wings in its cage.




The parrot is out of its cage, flying angrily across the store, scaring the people inside and riling up the opposite caged birds.




Bartholomew, smiling, locks eyes with the scared pigeon. “Blackbird” begins up once more.

“Blackbird fly . . .”

BARTHOLOMEW: There’s a storm brewing at sea.

The parrot and different birds fly out of the pet store. Drumming resumes.


The pigeons assault an individual on a park bench.


Bartholomew, standing on the long-lasting playground jungle gymnasium from “The Birds,” addresses a mass of crows, who stand gazing up at him.

BARTHOLOMEW: Fellow-birds! We’ve achieved a lot!


Birds fly away from an explosion.


Closeup of Bartholomew on the jungle gymnasium.

BARTHOLOMEW: However we’re simply getting began.

Feathers type the title card: “BIRDS: THE BEGINNING.”

“ . . . into the sunshine of a darkish black evening.”

A woman tentatively locations her hand close to a lovebird, as her mom seems to be on.

MOTHER: Don’t be scared, pricey . . . 

Closeup on the lovebird, who squints, staring on the baby’s hand.

MOTHER (out of body): . . . it’s solely a chook.

Minimize to black.

Echoey squawk.

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